Kundan Lal (DE)

Lør 12. maj 15:00
Scandinavian Congress Center – Arkaden

Lost-and-found beats rub glitchy shoulders with the vocals from some scratched-up vinyl of indian raga you never heard of. Banjos on repeat, women wailing, yogis whispering then tapping on tablas, synthetic beats thrumming: It’s like your favourite downbeat DJ-with-attitude messed around in the most exotic record stores you never found in the back alleys of Kolkata, New Orleans or Berlin.

YNFND is proud to release „Periodic Perciotic“, the hypnotic debut album by Kundan Lal, who describes himself as “a world music digger and field recorder in rogue states” creating “midimal mashdowns or contemporary frankenstein music”.
As musical polytheist, Lal is a long-time fixture on local culture scene and one of the prime movers behind the cult Rostock/Berlin-based label. Lal earned his chops in the sound trade aboard the legendary MS Stubnitz, a floating music and culture venue that was once an east German fishing trawler.

Præsenteres i samarbejde med Aarhus Volume og Rostocker Botschaft.