From the Faroe Islands to God Of War, Game Of Thrones and The Last Kingdom

Fri May 11th 15:30-16:00 | Room 3

Eivør – A case-study

How we took the artist Eivør with incredible vocal skills and helped open up a truly global reach by strategically placing her with composers for films, TV and games creating new audiences and continuing to develop score, sync and features opportunities.


Presentation – Roy Lidstone CEO of A&GSync Compositions

Roy Lidstone-Jackson

CEO, A&GSync Inc.
Roy is veteran of the music industry with over 30 years experience which includes music publishing, sync licensing and A&R. He has achieved Gold, Silver and Platinum record sales in the UK and US and as CEO of A&GSync Inc. and A&G Songs Ltd. runs the independent sync agency and music publisher with operations in LA and London. He has overseen the placement of artist music and composition in commercials including: Coca Cola, BMW, Game of Thrones, Homeland and many more.